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  1. “Thank you for all your help in the college application process……You gave excellent advice to me about different colleges. Thank you again for your support, and I’m looking forward to attending Harvard.” Thank-you note from high school student
  2. “Here’s the edited essay. Thank you for staying up late to do this.”
    High school student who applied to a summer college program at the last moment
  3. “Sorry to bug you on a Saturday.”
    Email from a high school student
  4. “We’ve worked with each other for such a long time and I truly believe you made an immense difference.”
    High school student
  5. “Sorry I haven’t sent an e-mail right away but there has just been so much going on. Anyway, I am having a great time in college and have met a great group of guys. Some of them are ROTC but some are not and are just roommates of the other ROTC guys…..”
    Former high school student in his freshman year of college
  6. “Thank you for helping with our greatest cause.”
    Parent of high school student
  7. “So I think he gained 130 points! Is it possible? … You rock, Alston!”
    Parent of test prep high school student
  8. “I found out I got into UC/Davis last Friday… and I’m so excited! Thank you so much for all of your help! You were instrumental in guiding me through the hurried application process and I sincerely appreciate the hard work you put in for me (especially when you were so crunched for time!). I can’t thank you enough.”
    High school student who transferred after freshman year
  9. “Thanks for all your help with my son! He really enjoys his time working with you.”
    Parent of a tutoring student
  10. “Hope you are enjoying your time with your daughters, and thanks so much for your guidance these past years.”
    Parent of high school student
  11. “Thanks to you and your (SAT) course he made a jump!”
    Parent of test prep student
  12. “Thank you for all your hand holding.”
    Parent of middle school student applying to private schools
  13. “Mr. Hayne, thank you so much for helping me apply to colleges. It made the process a lot easier for me.”
    High school student
  14. “Thank you for your … advices (sic).”
    High school exchange student
  15. “I love the (college) list! Thanks, I will pass it along (to my daughter).”
    Parent of high school student
  16. “Thank you so much for helping me doing (sic) the college essays.”
    High school exchange student
  17. “Thanks again for helping us get through the college selection process.”
    Parents of high school student
  18. “Thank you for your kindness and help with (my son).”
    Parent of middle school student
  19. “Mr. Hayne, I am writing to thank you for all the hard work you put into getting me through the college application process…. We made it through and I know it never would have happened without your help, support, and encouragement.”
    High school student to attend UCLA

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