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Financial Aid

Caution, caution, caution! There is a growing number of shady companies that are exploiting families’ fears by offering college scholarship services for exorbitant fees. Do not be taken in by these companies and their slick sales pitches! Never pay up-front for “scholarship searches.” Two good on-line sources to check for information are and Two legitimate private companies that are worth exploring are JP Morgan Chase and Discover Two organizations with very helpful information are Simple Tuition ( and My Rich Uncle (

Whether a student will be applying for need-based aid or merit aid, he or she will have to complete the FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Information on the FAFSA is available at (Do NOT go to if you are trying to get the official government website.) Many colleges also require the CSS/Profile, which is available through the College Board at

Good news! Growing numbers of private colleges are replacing student loans with outright “grants” (gifts)! Some of these colleges are being generous, while some are being pressured by Congress to spend more of their endowments on student aid. Who cares what the reason is? Let’s all take advantage!

Bad news! Thanks to the recent (2008) credit crunch and interest rate issues, more and more lenders are bowing out of the student-loan business. Check carefully with the financial aid offices of all colleges in which you are interested. Let them know that you are shopping around for the best offers. They will work with you! AND REMEMBER – NEVER PAY UP-FRONT FOR “SCHOLARSHIP SEARCHES”!!

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